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General Features


Electronic transformers are electronic devices designed to operate with low voltage lamps and especially 12 V lamps that are getting more and more common the last few years.
Electronic transformers replace the traditional type E, toroidal and ballast inductive transformers. Their operation is based on the above diagram.
The below philosophy gives the electronic transformers advantages and abilities that are impossible for the inductive.


In case of short-circuit in the output of the transformer, the voltage supply is interrupted for as much as the short-circuit occurs. After the short-circuit ends the voltage flow is restored automatically. The time the short-circuit occurs is unlimited.

Lamps are destroyed when they start because of the big amount of energy (voltage) they absorb (5 times more than the operating voltage).  Soft Start mode warms up the thread gradually thus avoiding the lamp’s destruction.


Low operating temperature of the electronic transformers ensures the ability of installation on wooden surfaces and prevent any weathering from heat of objects that come in contact with the transformers, like light rosettes.
Not destroyed when they not under load. Each electronic transformer has two load limits, an minimum and an maximum load.
Operation and performance of the electronic transformer is best guaranteed when the load tends to go to the maximum one.

In contrast with the inductive transformers there is no need for large tolerances between the transformer and load.

Electronic transformers have high efficiency α = 92-95% and the power factor (Cos = 0,98) is almost equal to that of the ohmic load (Cos = 1), on the contrary to the inductive that have respectively (a = 80%, Cos = 0,75). Thus the use of electronic transformers saves up to 20% energy and the extra cost of purchase is depreciated gradually.

Electronic transformers are significantly smaller than inductive ones. More precisely, for every Watt we need approximately 1,5 cm ³ space in electronic transformers and about 3-5cm ³in the case of inductive ones. The same applies to the weight where for example a 105 W electronic transformer weighs only 180gr while a similar characteristics inductive weighs approximately 2500gr.

ΟElectronic transformers are regulated only by special dimmers (TYPE EL - TD/300 ELTD-R)..

Electronic transformers like all electronic devices are devices of low energy consumption and stress, therefore they are durable and long life devices. Ensuring the above is a matter of compliance with installation instructions and requirements for devise good operation.

Electronic transformers must installed in environment with not very high temperature and there is a way of heat dissipation.



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